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Integrity is excited to announce that Nathan Makila and Stacey Makila have taken the step of aligning their thriving building business with the Integrity New Homes brand and purchased an Integrity Franchise building system.

Nathan said, 'I made the choice to get on-board because I assessed all the other options available to me as a building business owner and decided you couldn’t really find a better way to access all the essential elements of a building company at an affordable price and then benefit from the ongoing business coaching and training that comes with it'.

Nathan decided to take up the 'Pay as You Go' option and so is able to access the building management software, the house plans, the builders marketing system, the customisable website, the national purchasing savings and the business coaching from the start whilst only committing to $3000 plus GST per month.


What Nathan Purchased?

A franchise will provide for you every aspect of your business systems used by Australia’s leading building companies. This includes:

• Job management software
• Marketing Systems & Templates
• Sales Systems & templates
• Negotiated National Purchasing Discounts with suppliers (including Bunnings and Reece)
• Employment & Subcontract Agreements
• Hundreds and hundreds of building designs
• An exclusive territory.

Most importantly you’ll be guided/coached/trained on how to implement these business systems into your own locally owned and managed building business by one of Australia’s most experienced builders and business coaches, Glenn Leet.


Can I Get Out of a Franchise if I Don’t Like It?

Franchising is a highly regulated industry putting equal power of negotiation in the hands of franchise owners as franchisors. At Integrity Franchising there is no minimum terms, no restraint of trade and no prohibitions on leaving if you don’t like being involved.

Thankfully, most of our franchisees are long-term and love being involved but if circumstances change you simply notify the franchisor that you would like to leave and a line in the sand is drawn so that jobs prior to that date are ‘franchise jobs’  and jobs after that date are excluded from the franchise agreement.


How can I Get Involved?

This offer is limited geographically and over 20 territories have already been sold so simply complete the questionnaire and book a call with Glenn to see if you are eligible to get involved with this unique opportunity.


* excludes some metro areas

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