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From industry veterans to ambitious newcomers, our dedicated team is here to guide you on your path to unrivaled success.

What We provide

Build the homes you want to build

Unleash Your Building Freedom: Explore Limitless Possibilities in High-End Custom Homes, Duplexes, Investments, Two-Storey Homes, and More

What We provide

Our comprehensive Franchise system resolves builders top 5 pain points

We understand the challenges faced by builders in the industry. That's why our innovative franchise system is designed to address your most pressing pain points.

From navigating Home Owners Warranty constraints to building the right team, from cost-effective estimating to affordable drafting and marketing systems, we have you covered.

Our holistic approach ensures that you can focus on what you do best - building exceptional homes - while we provide the solutions and support you need for a successful and thriving business.

Join us today and experience the transformative power of our franchise system tailored specifically for you.

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Solutions for Builders

We offer a wide range of resources and solutions to empower your building business. From customizable software and cutting-edge technology to expert guidance and support, we provide the tools you need to thrive. Implement them according to your unique requirements, and we'll be there every step of the way, offering guidance and assistance.
How it works!

Every Franchise is an independently owned company operated by a licensed builder who contracts directly with clients offering homes in an exclusive building territory.

Each Franchisee has the flexibility, with help from the Franchisor, to make changes to the Integrity Franchise System to suit individual regional market requirements.

You can work from home to begin with and keep your costs down.

Builders Business Coaching

We provide ongoing business coaching to every franchisee for the lifetime of the agreement. No limits, no problems, just straightforward and effective business advice.

We will help you to grow your profitability; improve your purchasing; provide sales and marketing materials; and provide access to hundreds of designs for steep and flat blocks; systemize your building business now.

Builders Business Software

Integrity has created a new home job management software "product" called  iGyro™ from which every necessary element of a building company can be delivered. iGyro is a Xero partner.

Integrity's unique combination of project homes, steep site designs along with a massive portfolio of custom designs are all available to franchisees plus you can use our design magazine to help clients choose a home to build.

Secure your exclusive franchise territory.

When you become an Integrity New Homes franchisee, you gain exclusive ownership of your franchise territory. We prioritize your success by ensuring that your territory remains solely yours.

We are committed to not selling a franchise to any other business or builder within your designated area.

This guarantee secures your market presence and enables you to build your business with confidence.

How to become a successful builder in Australia

We have witnessed an overwhelming influx of individuals seeking building franchises and construction business information from Integrity New Homes. These aspiring builders, initially in search of construction companies for sale, have discovered a wealth of advantages in opting for a building franchise with Integrity.

Join our thriving network and unlock a multitude of benefits that will propel your business forward.


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We share knowledge, strategies, and inspiration needed to thrive in the competitive landscape.

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17 October 2023
A Unique Franchise Opportunity: Acquire Integrity New Homes South Coast Business

In the world of franchising, unique opportunities occasionally arise that can change the course of your entrepreneurial journey. Today, we're excited to present one such extraordinary opportunity within our franchise group - the sale of Integrity New Homes South Coast Business. For years, this business has been a cornerstone of the South Coast housing market, building a reputation for excellence and credibility. As multi-award winners through the Master Builders Association, they've established a strong presence for the Integrity New Homes brand in their community.The Opportunity at HandNow, this remarkable business is on the market for $200,000, and it's a unique proposition for builders considering a franchise. What makes it stand out? Let's take a closer look.1. Established Team: Integrity New Homes South Coast boasts a well-established team. This includes dedicated site supervisors and an inside sales team that's ready to continue their excellent work.2. Strong Sales Presence: Their office and display home have a powerful sales presence. They know how to attract and engage potential homeowners.3. Impressive Client List: Perhaps most importantly, they come with leads and a client list. This list includes a substantial social media following and a high-traffic website. These assets are a goldmine for anyone looking to tap into the market of new home buyers.4. Site Supervisor's License: In a move that's exceptionally rare in the industry, the current site supervisor is willing to offer his supervisor license. This is a significant advantage for newcomers who might have questions about licensing in the building industry. It's an opportunity to step into a role with experienced guidance.Entering the South Coast Market SuccessfullyIf you've ever dreamt of making your mark in the South Coast region of New South Wales, this is your chance. The South Coast is known for its breathtaking beauty and thriving communities, making it an attractive location for anyone in the construction and home building business.Seize the OpportunityThe franchise business world is full of opportunities, but not all are as unique and compelling as this one. The chance to take over a successful and well-regarded business with an established team and powerful online presence is something that doesn't come around often. If you're considering this opportunity, we encourage you to make an inquiry. Please reach out to us as the franchisor, and we'll be delighted to provide more details about this exceptional chance to purchase a profitable and successful business on the New South Wales South Coast.This opportunity won't last long, so act fast and make your mark in the South Coast's thriving housing market. Your dream of owning a thriving franchise business might be closer than you think. For further discussion book an obligation free video call.Book Video Call  

03 August 2023
How Integrity New Homes Equips Franchisees with Cutting-Edge Software for Seamless Operations

In the dynamic world of construction franchising, the question of software often looms large for new franchisees. The pivotal inquiry arises: "What software tools are provided under the franchise umbrella?" The answer, succinctly put, is iGyro – a comprehensive, game-changing software that propels efficiency and precision in builder operations. Allow us to delve into the essence of iGyro, its remarkable capabilities, and how Integrity New Homes ensures seamless access to this technological powerhouse.Unveiling iGyro: A Name to RememberThe software's moniker, iGyro, resonates with its inherent purpose – to serve as a gyroscopic stabilizer for all facets of builder management. iGyro's online domain,, serves as a hub where the software's multifaceted capabilities are unveiled, painting a vivid picture of the possibilities that lie ahead.Cost-Effective EmpowermentOne distinct aspect that sets iGyro apart is its accessibility. Let's address a crucial concern – the cost. Embarking on a journey with Integrity New Homes and embracing the franchise doesn't entail shelling out extra funds to access this cutting-edge software. Unlike models that tether you to ongoing external software expenses, iGyro becomes an integral part of your builder toolkit without additional financial encumbrances.A Panoramic Builder ToolkitImagine having a software suite that comprehensively addresses every critical aspect of the builder's role. iGyro achieves precisely that.1. Estimating ExcellenceEstimating forms the bedrock of efficient operations, and iGyro offers a dual-pronged approach. Rapid estimating equips your sales team with quick, accurate estimates, facilitating client interactions and conversions. On the other hand, the detailed bill of quantities estimating empowers your estimator to craft precise purchase orders and ensure cost-effective project execution.2. Seamless Client CollaborationWith a dedicated client portal, iGyro fosters seamless interaction between you and your clients. Transparency and communication are elevated, enabling clients to log in, track progress, and remain engaged throughout the construction journey.3. Visualizing ProgressThe Gantt chart feature propels project oversight to a new level. Effortlessly map project progress, streamline task allocation, and ensure alignment between your supervisors and on-site teams. The result? A harmonious symphony of coordinated efforts.4. Quote with FinesseQuoting is a cornerstone of business development, and iGyro streamlines this crucial process. The quoting module facilitates swift, accurate quote requests, expediting the exchange between your business and potential clients.5. Financial FortitudeAn integrated accounting module, enriched with optical character recognition, offers seamless invoice management. Match invoices against purchase orders with precision, ensuring financial integrity at every step.Elevating Industry StandardsThe resounding endorsement of iGyro's capabilities extends beyond Integrity New Homes' franchise group. The system's excellence has attracted external users from independent businesses who subscribe to leverage its power. This resounding validation underscores iGyro's status as an industry-leading job management software for builders.Your Journey with iGyro Begins HereFor those contemplating the software's potential impact on their business, the answer is unequivocal: iGyro is poised to revolutionize builder operations. By seamlessly integrating essential functions into a single, harmonious platform, Integrity New Homes empowers its franchisees with a technological edge that guarantees operational excellence.As you embark on your journey with iGyro, you're not merely accessing software – you're embracing a transformative tool that streamlines processes, enhances communication, and amplifies efficiency. At Integrity New Homes, we affirm that iGyro is not just a solution; it's a cornerstone of success in the ever-evolving realm of construction.

03 July 2023
The three questions we get asked the most about an INH Franchise

Welcome to the Integrity New Homes. Today we are providing some valuable insights into our franchise business. As the Franchisor Owner, I often engage with builders nationwide, discussing our franchise opportunities and addressing their most pressing concerns. In this article, we'll delve into the top three questions frequently asked by builders: "Do you provide jobs?", "How much does it cost?", and "Do I have to use your designs?". Let's explore these questions and shed light on the answers.Do You Provide Jobs?At Integrity New Homes, we take pride in supporting our franchisees with a constant flow of jobs. As a franchisor, we facilitate client contact primarily through our franchisees. While clients may occasionally approach us directly, we promptly redirect them to the franchisee in their area. Our franchisees benefit from our superior building systems, including our robust marketing strategies. Although you have the freedom to utilize your own marketing methods, leveraging our proven systems will undoubtedly generate an abundance of profitable job opportunities for your business.How Much Does It Cost?Determining the cost of joining our franchise requires a more detailed discussion, but rest assured that it is significantly more affordable than pursuing independent ventures. In fact, our current promotional offer, valid as of July 2023, allows you to join at half the regular cost. If cost considerations are important to you, we recommend reaching out to us promptly to take advantage of this limited-time promotion. During our conversation, I can provide further evidence to demonstrate the substantial cost savings associated with our franchise opportunity.Do I Have to Use Your Designs?While we possess an extensive portfolio of hundreds of stunning designs, using our designs is not mandatory. However, incorporating our designs into your marketing efforts can be an excellent strategy to attract potential clients. Building design is one of the most popular categories online, and featuring designs on your website can significantly increase visitor engagement. It's worth noting that approximately 70% of the homes constructed by our franchisees are custom-designed based on the client's preferences, emphasizing the flexibility and versatility of our builders. Additionally, our rapid estimating software allows for quick pricing of unique designs, further streamlining your operations.These three questions represent a common inquiry among builders considering the Integrity New Homes franchise opportunity. We hope that this article has provided valuable insights into our approach to jobs, cost, and design utilization. If you would like to explore these topics in greater detail or have any additional queries, we invite you to schedule a call with me. Our team looks forward to discussing how Integrity New Homes can empower your business and help you achieve your goals.

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