As a group of Australian Home builders we strive to reflect our personal values into our businesses and transactions with clients, staff, suppliers and contractors. These values are:

Integrity; Fairness; Professionalism; and Diligence. These values inform our Code of Ethics.

  1. We will abide by all applicable home building and construction laws and not seek to avoid their intent. Moreover we will seek to always exceed the minimum requirements of any performance based legislation.
  2. We will always act with Integrity, Fairness, Professionalism and Diligence which will be in the best interest of our clients.
  3. We will treat our staff, suppliers and subcontractors with the respect and courtesy we would expect from them.
  4. All building and design advice given to a client must be in the clients best interest and we will inform the client if a conflict of interest arises in relation to that advice.
  5. All building and design advice given to a client must take into account the long-term impacts on the client and avoid short-term benefits to ourselves that result in long-term challenges for our customers.
  6. All building records including reports, approvals, contracts and certifications must be maintained in the franchise job management system known as iGyro so that records can be sourced in the future to assist our clients (or the future owners of buildings).
  7. We will always strive for an increase in our product knowledge both as business owners and building industry professionals so that our clients benefit from superior home building knowledge.
  8. In cooperation with the franchisor we will hold each other accountable to this code and strive for its achievement.


This Code of Ethics is used as a reference point for conduct of builders participating in our franchise and helps a builder know how they should respond to situations that arise and what other builders in the group would expect from them.


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