Our franchisees come to us from all types of backgrounds. Some have trade skills like carpentry, plumbing and bricklaying. Some have been real estate agents or already have a home building business. All of them have one thing in common and that is desire to successful own and operate a new home building company in Australia.

The common thread we see amongst all these builders regardless of their prior experience is that owning and managing a successful business is not something they have developed a lot of skill in. Many have had a previous business no doubt, but sadly statistics suggest that as many as fifty percent and small businesses in Australia fail in the first three years and if they don't fail, they certainly don't thrive.

That is why we have learnt that the best way to help our franchise builders be successful is to offer them business coaching on a lifetime term. Now one of the common complaints you'll hear from franchise owners from other groups is that they never received enough training from the franchisor. Interestingly though, you'll never hear that from our franchisees. In fact, many will tell you (you're welcome to call them) that the ongoing training and support they receive in from Integrity is what has helped them to achieve the building industry success they now enjoy. There success is measured in many ways including having a happy client and excellent online reviews.

So you may ask, 'What is there to learn that would take me a lifetime'. My building company is already functioning at a high level?' Well that is the beauty of it, in that once you open your mind to the process of perpetual improvement it becomes amazing how much you can grow and learn and achieve and we are yet to see a client reach a point where they can say, I have nothing left to improve on or learn'. In fact, it's simply the striving for perpetual small improvements in your home building business that motivates you (and us) to keep succeeding.

In practice, the business coaching is delivered face to face via video calls at least fortnightly and franchisees come away with a shortlist of things to focus on for business improvement. But they not only have the list they also have the resources, training and accountability to make it happen. Because the calls are on a video link we dial in our software support team if needed, we dial in our estimating manager if needed, or we dial in our building designer if needed, either way we have the support that a new home builder needs right at our fingertips.

Through this process of personal coaching we have seen the most amazing things happen for our clients building companies. We have seen marriages saved, we have seen business failures averted and we have seen unprofitable builders become profitable. This is what motivates us to continue to deliver the highest standard of building industry business training we can and the reason why our franchisees enjoy outstanding and sustained business improvement.

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