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There are many types of building businesses operating in Australia right now, and the holy grail for most of their owners is three things; a profitable business; a business that doesn’t require everyday input from the owner operationally; and a business that is saleable.

But the investment of time and finances into the setup of a business like this is significant and often beyond the reach of many building business owners. Now there is a way to have your cake and eat it by accessing Integrity Franchising’s unique payment plan.


What’s included with a building franchise?

A franchise will provide for you every aspect of your business systems used by Australia’s leading building companies. This includes:

• Job management software

• Marketing Systems & Templates

• Sales Systems & templates

• Negotiated National Purchasing Discounts with suppliers (including Bunnings & Reece)

• Employment & Subcontract Agreements

• Hundreds and hundreds of building designs

• And so much more

Most importantly you’ll be guided/coached/trained on how to implement these business systems into your own locally owned and managed building business by one of Australia’s most experienced builders, Glenn Leet.

What does a building franchise cost?

Builders can now access a payment plan which for most areas* is $3000 plus GST per month for 12 months to access all this intellectual property on an exclusive territory arrangement from day one and have their profitable business setup and trading very quickly.

After 12 months the business is paid for and then you are only paying a royalty payment which is wholly offset by purchasing savings … which means the net cost to your business to continue to have access to the best software, building designs and business coaching in the industry is zero.

How can I Get Involved?

This offer is limited geographically and over 20 territories have already been sold so simply complete the application form here and book a call with Glenn to see if you are eligible to get involved with this unique opportunity.


Book an obligation free strategy session with Glenn Leet to see how Integrity Franchising can help your business today.




* excludes some metro areas

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