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Review of Integrity Franchising

Knowledgeable, Supportive and Forward Thinking

5 out of 5,

reviewed on Oct 22, 2018



We became Integrity New Homes franchisee's 2 years ago, and it has proved to be a very good business decision. The Franchise comes with great software systems they are regularly moving forward and being improved. The knowledge and resources that are available to franchisees is very large, and there is plenty of training opportunities to further our building business. From marketing to handing over a new home, every part of the building process is covered with INH, and that being said there is total freedom to use the available resources or not to. We feel that in being with INH we are part of a bigger team and if you are thinking of a building franchise, I would highly recommend them.

Denise Horwood - Integrity New Homes New England

Review of Integrity Franchising

Essential ingredient to my success

5 out of 5,

reviewed on Aug 06, 2018



I become a franchisee back in August 2010 and over that time I have seen a lot of changes and improvements in the software system, some of it coming after suggestions from myself, along with other builders.
While all the pricing and scheduling tools and bits and pieces have always been user-friendly, they have gotten even better recently. Another big thing that really sticks out in mind is the amount of support you are given. Help is always there and people are easy to get a hold of and it is very hands on and quick. The franchise people actually do stuff for you that saves you time and have good knowledge based on years of experience which they pass on. There is also heaps of ongoing training around all sorts things such as OHS, sales and contracts.
As a builder who started out doing a lot of renos who has now moved more into new homes also, I like the flexibility of the system. Even though it isn’t renos orientated, the ongoing support and involvement of the franchising team has always been great on renos anyway. They have had a very good consistency of staff over time which says a fair bit about the way they run the business and treat their staff and that same care and respect is evident in how they help and support us franchisees. I would recommend an Integrity franchise. It really fast tracks your business and there is a ton of paperwork and resources and systems to help you along the way.

Darren Jones, Integrity New Homes Brisbane.

Review of Integrity Franchising

Life Changing opportunity

5 out of 5,

reviewed on Jul 26, 2018



I am part of Integrity Franchising for more than two years. Help I got in setting up of business was exceptional. Integrity New Home head office is always there when I need them. Their project management and estimation software are very helpful. Support staff are always available and gives the best technical and legal advice when needed. I will recommend new builders to use Integrity Franchising platform to expand their business and be part of the brand for future growth in business.

Ali Raza - Integrity New Homes Melbourne North

Review of Integrity Franchising

Everything we required

5 out of 5,

reviewed on Jul 13, 2018



Joining Integrity New Homes over two years ago has been a huge bonus for us. The systems and plans have been great and are constantly being improved. The support staff are always available for any inquiry and couldn't be more helpful. Richard, the franchise manager, is a great asset and willing to assist with any information and advice when requested. We would have no hesitation in recommending Integrity New Homes to any builder looking to expand, incorporate processes and have ongoing support..

Mark Redding - Integrity New Homes South Coast

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