Hey, Glenn here. We have a very real and unique opportunity in the Byron Bay area of NSW to own and operate a highly profitable franchise building business.

This business - Integrity New Homes - has been trading in the Northern NSW area for more than 10 years and has a proven track record and loyal customer base in the area.

In the last two years alone the business has signed contracts for $7.7M in work and there’s no reason for that momentum to stop.

We have a website with over 3000 monthly visitors and consistent enquiry for a builder to fill this need. Now this is not a situation where you have to takeover another builders mess! This a franchise opportunity where YOUR building company takes on our intellectual property and uses it to profit.

We provide:

  1. A job management system to manage all aspects of your business.
  2. Purchasing agreements for your building materials at the lowest possible prices that major national builders can buy things for.
  3. Business coaching to train you on best practice business principles and help you implement the job management software right across your business.
  4. A plan and design library with over 1500 plans in it.
  5. Beautiful marketing resources including a website and brochures.


Sounds expensive does it? I’m going to show you how you can access all this for less than the cost of a new ute.

But before we start, why would you want to be talking to me about a building business? Just so we’re clear, I’m not one of those franchisors who’s never stepped foot on a building site. I started out as a chippie in 1992 with zero business experience.

I went through the same struggles every builder goes through trying to get my business profitable.

Running my business was hard until I realised the two things I needed to do to get myself out of the pack and build a really scalable company.

Those two things were:

  1. Knowing how to systemise “Everything” in the business... So I developed job management software to do just that; and;
  2. Purchase everything at the best price possible so that you can maximise your profitability.


With these two lessons in mind in 2003 I started my company Integrity New Homes. Over the next 10 years Integrity grew from nothing to turning over more than $40m a year.

Over that time, we’ve developed the best job management software in the Australian building industry plus negotiated excellent buying rates with Australia's leading building industry suppliers.

Now business coaching alone can cost you $3000/month but I’m able to offer you: Australia’s best building industry specific job management software for your business. Business coaching from the most experienced industry specific coach in Australia and … Pay for it all with access to purchasing savings from Australia's leading industry suppliers.

All this for either $30,000 plus GST or $3000/month over 12 months on a payment plan.

If you can see how this would be a massive benefit to your business on this page is a questionnaire that I need you to fill out and at the same time click on the link to my calendar and book a ½ hr no obligation video call with me to discuss how this can help your business succeed.

Now this offer for the Byron Bay & Ballina area is a once only offer. Whoever secures it will own it as exclusive territory.

So just a final recap: if you want expert business coaching; beautiful branding and marketing; access to plans plus job management software to run your business but don’t want to add anymore over all net expenses, you can now do that with Integrity Franchising by using our pre-negotiated purchasing rates with major suppliers.

You can’t lose with this arrangement so jump on it and complete the questionnaire below and grab a video call with me to discuss the details.

Call us today at 02 8005 3875 or click enquire now.

Call for a confidential discussion with one of our highly qualified building franchise experts.

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