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Which Franchise Builder is Best?

The only measure of performance that we evaluate our Building Franchise by is satisfied franchisees. Of course, we have the best buying power and a huge range of award-winning plans but its all meaningless if you can't get your question answered when you need it and have access to the business tools that matter in the building industry in Australia now. The note below came unsolicited from one of our franchise owners in New South Wales Australia directly into our franchisor internal communication systems and it's the day to day evidence that we're on the right track with helping and understanding what building business owners need to have, to have a successful business.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Shane Hearpsfor his massive efforts recently. This morning we signed a contract for a new home that had to be completed before the end of the year, which included the drafting as well as the contract administration work. This wouldn’t have happened without Shane and his team behind him, and we are very very appreciative! Thank you Shane and hopefully you can have a rest once today is over as I know my contract wasn’t the only one with this deadline to meet.

Thank you!

If you are the owner of an Australian building company and looking for opportunity to secure more profitable leads and projects and understand the benefits a franchise business can bring to your reputation than look no further. We believe a local builder with a commitment to ongoing training will always out perform a multinational builder in regional markets and deliver a profitable business to the franchise owners and improved customer service to the client.

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