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What is an exclusive franchise territory

When considering a franchise, one of the most common questions that franchisees or prospective franchisees ask is what a franchise territory means. At Integrity New Homes, we offer an exclusive franchise territory. However, it is important to note that having an exclusive franchise territory does not mean that you are limited to building in that location.

To put your mind at ease, a franchise agreement will not dictate where you can or cannot build within your exclusive franchise territory. Rather, the territory constrains the franchisor, meaning that we cannot resell that territory to anyone else while you hold it exclusively. This is crucial because as you grow your brand through marketing and building, the goodwill of your business grows with it. You need to know that another builder won't come and take that away from you.

So, an exclusive franchise territory is not meant to constrain you. Rather, it is meant to constrain us, the franchisor. It also means that if you've got a neighbouring builder with an exclusive franchise territory, you don't want to end up in a competitive environment with that other builder. You want to respect that they have their unique business and that's the way we do business.

If you are considering joining Integrity New Homes, please do not be nervous about exclusive franchise territories. Understand that we respect each other's businesses and operate with integrity. With an exclusive franchise territory, you can rest assured that you will have the support you need to succeed in your building business.


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