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What a softening in demand looks like for home builders

We have seen unprecedented growth in the new homes market for the past 3 years. This coupled with increases in trade and supply has created a unique and at times painful situation for some home builders, especially those who haven’t put the right systems in place to truly capitalise on demand whilst price increases occur.

We have seen large builders all over the country fail to keep their businesses profitable and in turn, have shut their doors and closed up shop. As much as this saddens us to see fellow builders find themselves in this situation, it comes down to ensuring your business is properly protected in times as we have just experienced.

Yet now we are experiencing a swinging back of the pendulum within the new homes market, a correction and stabilisation to the extremes we have worked through the previous three years.

For some builders, this may be concerning, especially for builders who have focussed on simply building homes and not continuing to market themselves when the times have been busy or good.

Our opinion is simple. The market dialling the notches back a bit is a good thing. A reduction in prices and more availability of trades and supply should help take the pressure of builders and speed up the time of builds.

Clearly, we don’t want it to go too many notches back, but the market returning to a more stable balance is a positive situation for builders who have continued to build their businesses as they build their homes.

Our intention stays the same. How do we continue to make our Integrity New Homes business a little bit better, smarter, and safer every single week? We work with our franchise owners on gradually building their businesses so that regardless of chaos or calm in the market, we have healthy new home businesses ready to engage the market, receive leads and build beautiful homes.

Our business coaching, our back-end systems for estimating, job management, bill of quantities, our national buying power and national branding and marketing are all aspects that assist in giving our builders the confidence to grow their businesses through the chaos and the calm of the building market.
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If you are looking to grow your business and have concerns with the current market, we would love to speak with you about how our franchise models assists builders of all business sizes to succeed.

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