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We're Back On

Well after a period of some uncertainty for the industry we are back in the thick of it and what an amazing year it is shaping up to be. Most of our clients were already up 40% on the previous year in terms of turnover and profit due to the historically low interest rates and then the federal government decided to stimulate the industry with a grant! Most of my coaching calls this week have been about how to manage the volume of sales inquiries effectively.

For those already registered here is a reminder about why you're coming:

Builders in NSW get 12 CPD Points for the two day event.

Day 1 is four sessions: Financial; Legal; Relational & Marketing.

Day 2 is a structured business planning session you complete in a group setting.

For those who haven't registered yet numbers are now strictly (and legally) limited so don't miss this opportunity:

I will be delivering the fourth session on Day 2 which focuses on Marketing. So many other things fall into place more easily in business if your marketing processes are well planned and systemised and we'll explore what's working and debunk the myths.

What you'll come away with is 100% clarity on what you need to focus on to see your marketing efforts yield a result in 2020. The money and time that is wasted in marketing is eye watering and yet the results are usually average at best. I'll show you with certainty what works because there will be clients in the room that it's already working for who can confirm my approach. 

The conference venue is easy to get to from most locations in Australia as it's walking distance from the Sydney domestic airport terminal and you won't need to leave the venue for the whole event. So you'll not only learn best practice accounting, legal and marketing principles for building trades business but you'll also learn the latest in product innovations and applications for the leading suppliers in the industry. Best of all you'll hear it all in a room full of business owners that care about where their business is going and you can catch the momentum..

So if you're tired of chasing your tail in the building game and want to start a journey with lasting and profitable results either with or without a franchise solution come and join us this year for a two day event that will change your approach to your building business for ever.

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