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The Integrity New Homes Franchising system has been founded on a fundamental desire to provide direct support and assistance to all franchisees.

One of the ways this is evident is in the franchise team actively posting franchisee approved news blogs and photographs to individual search engine optimised franchisee sites that have been set up by the franchisor within the main Integrity New Homes web site.

Individual franchisees do have to take some responsibility with this process by providing photographs from their territory from which the franchising team then create news blogs.

Topics are varied but are written to maximise search engine requirements. Naturally, some franchisees are extremely proactive in this area and are very self-driven to regularly provide news blogs to their sites.

Integrity New Home franchising has created an “enewsletter” that uses the existing news blogs and photographs posted to franchisee web sites and then combined with iGyro (Integrity’s in-house developed building management software) can be mailed out to franchisee specific mailing lists.

The “enewsletter” is customised to each franchisee who uses this function – several of the franchisees do a monthly mail out.

For more information about the Integrity New Homes franchise offering please call Glenn Leet today on ph: 0428 536 021.

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