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Walcha and Uralla on the Map

Walcha and Uralla are thriving small towns in the New England Tablelands area of New South Wales. Not only are they home to excellent craft beer and fat lambs but you can also now find another successful Integrity New Homes builder delivering beautiful housing to residents of the area.

Ralph and Lynelle Westley decided to join the group because they saw the need to provide local service to clients who were not always getting the ideal outcomes from builders traveling for nearby larger centres. Ralph said, ‘I prefer to focus on service rather than volume so by living in the same area as my clients I can ensure they always get a great building outcome without compromising because of travel costs and time’.

By taking an Integrity New Homes Franchise Ralph is benefiting from improved purchasing power for building materials suppliers plus ongoing business coaching in all aspects of operating a successful building business.

Franchisees also have unlimited access to Australia’s boutique job management software for builders which has been developed exclusively by Integrity Franchising and used successfully by builders all over the country to improve their profit, cash flow and workflow.

Ralph understands that franchising is a highly regulated industry putting equal power of negotiation in the hands of franchise owners as franchisors. At Integrity Franchising there is no minimum terms, no restraint of trade and no prohibitions on leaving if you don’t like being involved.

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