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Wagga Wagga NSW New Home Building Licensed Franchise Opportunity Launched

Starting a building venture in Australia is risky, but with the right mentor, there is a great chance for success. Integrity Franchising Pty Ltd (0428-536-021) has announced a business opportunity for anyone willing to create a profitable local business while joining a nationally recognised brand.

The Australian-based construction group has announced a new business opportunity for builders operating within the NSW Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Orange and Albury regions, offering them the chance to become owners of a licensed home construction franchise.

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With its latest announcement, Integrity Franchising seeks to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to benefit from the continuing growth of Australia’s residential housing market and help them gain a strong competitive edge in their area. By joining the group’s nationwide network of franchisee builders, businesses maintain their independence while benefiting from the know-how and resources of an experienced industry player.

Integrity Franchising’s offer is suitable for anyone believing to be equipped with the skills to run a building franchise but lacking resources to prosper. Property developers, real estate agents, and tradesmen can now partner with a leading home building expert who will help them meet licensing requirements while providing them with business training and support.

Building professionals who join the franchise scheme will be given access to a catalogue of over 1,600 custom and project home designs, which they can offer to their clients.
From block homes, duplexes, homesteads and investor homes, all designs are available through Integrity Franchising’s proprietary software.

The projects can be viewed in 3D, enabling building professionals to present future homeowners with virtual walkthroughs of their properties and facilitate more engaging interactions.

The group’s dedicated team also provides would-be business owners with ongoing support in sales and marketing processes, graphic design, accounting, contract preparation, and pre-contract estimation.

Interested parties can learn more about the company’s iProx rapid estimation program from founder Glenn Leet by visiting

Franchisees can choose from two types of territories, namely regional ($30,000) and metro ($50,000), or translating into a payment plan of 12 monthly installments of $3,000 and $5,000, respectively.

Among the territories on offer are steep sites that many competitors avoid. By utilising Integrity Franchising’s creative housing solutions, builders can take advantage of this untapped niche and expand their market share amid the declining supply of flat terrains across the country.

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