Chris Nel of Integrity New Homes South West Sydney is the latest ‘graduate” of the Integrity New Homes iBuild Builders Licencing Scheme.
Chris had an enormous amount of experience building in South Africa but when he moved to Australia he became a franchisee of Integrity New Homes and obtained his building licence via the Scheme.
Integrity Franchising realised there was demand for people who didn’t yet hold a building licence but were seeking some support while completing the necessary licensing processes. So the iBuild Builders Licencing Scheme was created enabling some franchisees in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia have access to Integrity’s residential building licence in those states. 
The program includes guidance through the building licence process and is a temporary measure designed to be used until the franchisee secures their own licence. 
The majority of franchisees already have a building licence before joining the Integrity New Homes team. 
For more information about the iBuild Builders Licencing Scheme please call Glenn Leet today on ph: 0428 536 021.