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Professional Xero Help For Builders In Australia

Every Australian new home builder needs to implement an effective job costing and tracking solution if they want to be profitable and grow their business. The problem is however that there is no off the shelf solution that can achieve exactly what is needed. 

Xero is arguably the best online accounting and bookkeeping solution available in the Australian marketplace for builders but it has two glaring deficiencies. Firstly it does not have a user friendly purchase ordering tool with access to a comprehensive price file and secondly it does not have a highly evolved purchase order approval process that allows easy comparison between the invoice and the purchase orders and a hierarchy of approval process to improve accountability.

Integrity New Homes have solved these deficiencies by integrating our builders job management system iGyro with both Xero and BuildIQ and thereby creating a seamless and comprehensive accounting, job management and estimating solution for the Australian new home building business.

Small business tools like this are an excellent solution because they reduce double entry of data across multiple accounting software platforms but the problem for the busy business owner then turns to how to get training help for themselves and their staff. That problem is resolved with our franchise solution as we have ensured our team are fully trained as Xero Certified Advisers and hold the approriate construction industry and accountancy knowledge to help you via our business coaching model.

Professional advice that is building industry specific to the Australian market place is often the difference between good cash flow and business hardship so its value can never be understated. Accounting professionals that specialise in the building and construction industry are very rare indeed so having the confidence to know that the team at Integrity New Homes is looking after you brings peace of mind to many of our builder clients.

Bookkeepers are also critical to the financial situation for new home builders and that is why we provide comprehensive training to all our builders bookkeepers via our free training platform for builders accessible here.

So if you're looking at options in the software space for invoicing, quotes, project costs, and project management for small to medium business in the Australian building industry you have come to the right place.

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