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Our top three priorities for 2022

Each year the team and I at Integrity franchising aim to lift specific areas of our deliverables for our franchisee’s to help them become the best businesses they can become.

2021 had numerous industry challenges as inflation within the trade increased like I had never seen it before.  Thankfully, to date, INH builders have remained consistent and come through the wave of challenges posed when dealing with such a mass inflation increase.

2022 is predicted to be a reduction in pressure within the industry but this doesn’t mean we slow down our efforts in growing our businesses
One of the key three elements we are looking to improve and grow in for 2022 is the use of our checklist systems across our group.

One example of how builders across our group can leverage our systems for check lists is in the area of standard specifications for specific aspects of the build.
One example of this can be found in the application of vapor barriers used on the edges of slabs to ensure that they are impervious to water entry.

This has been an industry standard ever since I was involved in the building trade, yet for unknown reasons to me, builders continue to miss this step and find themselves in trouble when looking to have their build certified.

The builders that use our checklists don’t have to worry about missing details like the above example. Those who don’t use our checklists fall into the trap of potentially missing small but crucial aspects of the build, resulting in a lot of headaches and extra work.

Ensuring that our checklists are easily accessible and usable and ensuring that our resources are being used in a way to help our builders access and use our checklists is a priority for 2022.

This year we will continue to up the energy when it comes to our presence online, both collectively as INH and Integrity Franchising and also for the individual builder / franchise.

The online world continues to evolve at pace and our efforts will be to continue to adapt and evolve with it. Some key aspects will be focused on marketing and user experience to continue to help people experience our homes and create a friction less experience when engaging our builders online.

This will involve training by our Senior IT manager Tim and marketing and content manger Brad. The aim will be to assist our franchisee owners to grow their online presence and continue to look for avenues to help in new home and renovation sales.

Lastly, our focus will be to see our business systems improve.

There is no hiding that when building businesses grow that the feeling of reaching that glass ceiling and breaking throw into a new expression of your business can be daunting and disheartening.

As businesses grow we want to walk alongside them, coaching them through the current challenges they are facing. Each business within the INH group is at a different level, with different challenges to break through to the next level of success.

Our focus will be enhancing our business systems to assist in the transition from different levels of business success.

Our desire is to have all our franchise owners have access to business systems that allows their business to operate smoothly as they grow.

Whilst we walk through levels of transitions that can be challenging for some businesses, we also hear great reports from others who are leveraging the business systems to take their businesses to the next level.

Providing more attention to our business systems will assist both types of franchise owner.

These three aspects of our business will be our primary focus of improvement for 2022. Ange, I and the team at Integrity Franchising are excited to continually service our franchise owners so that they can be as successful as possible, and continue to grow the success of their individual business.

- Glenn Leet.

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