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New Business Tools Released For Franchisees

  Integrity Franchising has released a range of useful business planning tools for use by franchisees which include: 

  1. A simplified business plan in Word document format; and
  2. Quick budget template in Excel.

While both documents are self-explanatory the quick budget includes a general instructions panel which does require the reader to take some time to refer  to the steps in using the document.

As you access the document panels will appear and allow you to enter data. All the data entry cells have a white background (if the cells are not white it is not possible to enter data).

The documents are provided directly to franchisees and are also located in the internal iGyro building management software which accessed by all franchisees.

The purpose of these tools is to enable franchisees to easily create a business plan in which a range of fields are completed thus assisting in providing planning and direction.

The quick budget template is a simple and useful way to create a range of different accounting budgeting outcomes. So based on a number of different scenarios it is possible to project likely budgeting outcomes.

Integrity Franchising recommends franchises take professional advice from qualified and accredited independent specialists, such as accountants, in addition to using the aforementioned tools.  

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