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New Builders We Have Helped

We're often asked about how we can help business owners entering the building industry and what we do to assist in the process of understanding the complex legal and technical issues associated with successfully operating a building company in Australia. Here is list of some of the builders we have helped with this journey in the past.

Chris Nel

Chris immigrated from South Africa with a successful history as a property developer and looked at the Australian building industry and wondered about how to best navigate it and become a successful builder. We helped Chris achieve his builders licence in 2018 and he has operated his building business successfully in Sydney since that time.

Darren Jones

Darren worked with us in the early days as a sales consultant and prior to that had worked as a tradesman and waterproofing contractor. Darren wanted to own and manage his own building company in Queensland. We helped Darren with the training and business guidance he needed to get licenced, insured and trading successfully which he has done since 2013. 

Michael Van Eck

Mike (as he prefers to be known) is a skilled carpenter who completed his trade in Western Australia Mid West city of Geraldton. Mike now lives in Port Macquarie with his wife and young family and recently achieved a builders licence for his new company. Mike has gone from zero in hero within six months of commencing his building company as he has been engaged to complete a major project for APP Corporation on the Mid Coast of New South Wales.

Hitender Kumar

Kumar is an easy name to say and an easy business owner to help. Kumar approached us in 2019 about opportunities he saw in the Cairns market for becoming a home builder and wondered if we could help him and his business partners do that successfully. Within four months of that first meeting Kumar commenced his first project which is currently progressing smoothly and on track for successful completion this year. 

Don Sutherland

Don subcontracted to us in days gone by as a light weight cladding and texture finish contractor. Don saw a lot of opportunity to improve his business and reached out to us in 2019 for business coaching and business systems. Through this coaching and training program we have been able to help Don's company become a custom home builder on the Central Coast in New South Wales where he is ready to commence his fourth new home. Don did not know anything about a construction franchise prior to working with us but he now promotes the benefits.

Devraj Kerai

Dev's family were successful builders and developers in Kenya and decided to secure their future in Australia with a building franchise. Dev was not sure how to setup and manage that process successfully but he wanted to become a spec home builder. With our help he achieved the builders licence for his company in 2016 and has traded successfully since that time.

How to become a successful house builder? We think the evidence speaks for itself.

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