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More than just a selections tool

Integrity Franchising is always looking to help our Integrity New Home franchise owners find an advantage within the marketplace. One key tool we are implementing for our franchise owners is training and support with Constructive.

Constructive is a fantastic tool to help your clients through the selection process through digital and 3D interaction. This tool helps clients stay up to date with their build, and make colour, application and appliance selections that can be viewed in real-time.

Angela has been working hard with our builders to operate, engage and execute the Constructive software. Franchisees who have embraced this tool are experiencing higher retention of potential clients, higher satisfaction through the build and a smoother process of selection choosing resulting in less friction and faster progress of the home build.

As a visual and engaging tool for clients, Angela has found that using constructive has helped fill the gaps between paying a preliminary payment and waiting on reports. New home clients have the option to start dreaming about the internal creative decisions from the get-go. It is a perfect way to continue to walk the new home build journey through standard "slow" times.

The Constructive software is accessible to all Integrity New Homes franchise owners to leverage. We can't wait to hear more success stories from our builders about their clients using the software and enjoying the process and completing a new home build.

Angela Leet has recently conducted a webinar for training on Constructive.

You can view the training by clicking here.

If you are looking to join a franchise that looks after its franchisees and supports each business individually, why not contact Glenn today on 0428 536 021 or click here to contact him via email.

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