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The Integrity New Homes Franchising Team held a remote training event for the franchisee builders last week.

Five members of the Franchise Team spoke and addressed a range of topics including:

  1. The latest in individual franchise company brochures;
  2. Demonstration of the jobs pipeline report in the iGyro building management software;
  3. The unveiling of the new web site “robot”;
  4. A presentation of the difference between margin and mark-up and what a huge impact it has on a builders bottom line; and
  5. Training in the use and operation of the “client portal”. In the “Communication Age”, customers are demanding information and engagement with companies on their own terms. So while one-on-one communication is still important, it is important to service the demand for more flexible and convenient ways of communicating and dealing with companies.  

While there are regular targeted training events held for franchisees one-on-one to address particular areas, which individual business may require assistance with, the aforementioned event was designed for the entire group. Follow-up training has been scheduled and is fundamental to the ongoing support provided to all franchisees. 

Integrity Franchising invests a great deal of time and resources carrying out a wide range of franchisee training regularly – it is a cornerstone of the franchise service delivery.

The training was attended by franchisees from Adelaide South (SA), Brisbane (QLD), Coffs Harbour (NSW), Kingaroy (QLD), Limestone Coast, (SA), New England (NSW), North West Sydney (NSW) South Coast (NSW) and South West Sydney. The meeting was also recorded and made available to franchisees who were unable to attend such as the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Griffith (NSW) Melbourne North (VIC), Melbourne North West (VIC) and Tweed and Gold Coasts (NSW/QLD).

 For more information on the benefits of the Integrity New Homes franchising model and offering please call Glenn Leet on ph: 0428 536 021.

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