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With the Communication Age very much front and centre of business these days, Integrity Franchising has created and launched a Client Portal all franchisees can use. 
Research is showing that customers want communication and involvement with business in ways which suit the client. Face-to-face communication remains important but it is critical to be flexible and provide ease of communication.
This is particularly true in the building industry due to the many people involved in selling, designing and building a new home. Plus the time taken for delivery of the product makes it imperative that clients have access to timely and relevant information whenever they want.
Integrity’s online Client Portal is accessed via a password provided to the client. Once logged into the Client Portal it is possible to access “as it happens” current information on critical elements of progress on a client’s home including: works progress update; summary of the forthcoming two weeks of work; variations, both issued and authorised; council information; photographs; and client discussions portal. The client can also upload files (including those requiring large upload capacities) directly into the Portal.  
The Integrity Franchising team is particularly conscious of the need to be flexible and make changes. So are the franchisees who make a significant contribution to the franchise system by way of suggestions for improvements along with ideas for new initiatives.
These contributions are one of the many benefits of being part of a franchise team.
For more information about the Integrity New Homes franchise system, please call Glenn Leet ph: 0428 536 021.

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