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Integrity Edge helping builders reduce complaints

When it comes to building homes there are several complications that can turn a good job into a bad job very quickly.

This is why we have built Integrity Edge. An administration system to ensure quality for our builders as they endeavour to build the highest quality homes.

Recently the NSW Government shared the top five defects identified over the 2021 financial year.

Top Defects Identified:

  • External Water Penetration
  • Incomplete Works
  • Concrete Slab / Paving
  • Tiling
  • Framing / Carpentry

External Water Penetration is surface water not prevented from entering the sub-floor with subsequent padding leading to the deterioration of structural elements.
Also, poor roof and gutter detailing and execution allowed water to enter and deteriorate structural elements.
Other areas of poor detailing that lead to issues with water penetration include balconies, Inadequate upturn on sheet pans and poor window flashings.

The slab design that has been chosen for a particular site that is deemed inappropriate is a key area of concern for builders.

Common Electrical Non-Compliance issues involve not earthing the conductor from the main switchboard correctly.
It also involves not giving the correct spacing between electrical cables and piping systems.
Another issue connected to Common electrical non-compliance is that conduits have not been protected against mechanical damage or protection from UV radiation.

Lastly, another area of concern is common gas non-compliance. This refers to connection points not being located properly through to Reversion Fitting not being installed correctly.

A large focus of Glenn and the team at Integrity Franchising is to ensure we continue to bring awareness and attention to common faults with building homes and helping build systems and quality checklists to ensure we, as a business are providing the best homes to our clients.

Integrity Edge is our go-to application for ensuring that our working checklists are up to date and our builders receive the correct training to ensure these areas mentioned are given the appropriate focus.

You can download the HIA document by clicking here for a more in depth look at industry trends for defects.

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