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One of the advantages of the Integrity New Homes franchise offering is that all the franchisee members benefit from being able to combine the group’s buying power to negotiate rates which reflect all the collective building that is done.

The current insurance offering for builder’s all risk (ie for damage and theft to materials/works on site) and public liability insurance is about to be put out to tender. There is also a current preferred supplier for home owners warranty insurance.

This means, fro example, regional franchisee builders in Robe (South Australia) or Griffith (New South Wales) can secure outstanding rates for insurance due to “combining” their policy requirements with all the other Integrity New Homes franchisees around Australia.

All insurance policies are completed directly between each participating franchisee and the insurance provider via a broker.

Integrity New Homes actively seeks feedback from all franchisees when supplier negotiations start, from asking for suggestions of companies to approach through to sending out drafting agreements for comment – it is very much a co-operative and interactive approach.

For more information on an Integrity New Homes franchisee please call Glenn Leet ph: 0428 536 021.

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