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INH builders go Greensmart

Integrity Franchising is proud to announce an increase of 20+ builders who have completed the HIA GreenSmart training and are now certified GreenSmart builders.

As the demand increases for environmentally responsible and sustainable homes, our Integrity New Homes group continue to be educated and implement GreenSmart building standards.

Consumers continue to pursue environmentally conscious building practices. It is a move that Integrity Franchising Director Glenn Leet predicted and influenced his decision 20 years ago to be one of Australia's first GreenSmart certified builders. Glenn was also one of the first builders in the country to build a ten-star energy rated home. Being a GreenSmart builder is something Glenn has been passionate about and has been a focus when coaching Integrity New Home franchise owners.

Some of the elements of what makes a house a GreenSmart certified house is correct site orientation to maximise solar design principles, natural ventilation, insulation, thermal mass and flooring.

An HIA GreenSmart® House will:
Improve the water and energy efficiency of the home reducing energy bills and costs
Create healthier homes for occupants
Provide options to make the home more adaptable for all stages of life
Reduce waste from the building process
Improve site management during construction.

We are thankful for our INH builders for pursuing the become GreenSmart certified builders and look forward to seeing more homes built that focus on sustainable building practices.

The INH builders who are now Green Smart accredited are:

Morgan Burger (INH Geraldton, WA)
Felicity Carter (INH Limestone Coast, SA)
Daniel Cooper (Integrity Franchising)
Shane Ellery (INH Bathurst, NSW)
Ray Heald (INH Launceston, TAS)
Darren Jones (INH Brisbane, QLD | INH Tweed, NSW)
Sachin Jose (Integrity Franchising)
Omar Khan (INH Newcastle, NSW)
Angela Leet (Integrity Franchising)
Daniel Neilsen (INH Yarra Valley)
Ngoc Nguyen (INH South Sydney)
Navdeep Singh (INH Melbourne North West, VIC)
TJ Singh (INH Cairns, QLD)
Ed Smith (INH Mornington Peninsula, VIC)
Ralph Westley (INH Armidale, NSW)
Glenn Leet (Integrity Franchising)
Mark Redding (INH South Coast, NSW)
Antoni Aslimoski (INH Canberra, ACT)
Ash Dell (INH Byron Bay, NSW)
Craig Martin (INH North West, NSW)

For more information on green building design and construction - head to the green smart program website - a professional and technical guide to designing and building a green home and selecting sustainable products.

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