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In House Developed Quality Assurance Program Improved For 2016

The Integrity Edge Quality Assurance Programme grew out of the company's practice of client/project manager site meetings at key construction stages to help resolve any unforeseen issues that may emerge. These stages were pre-slab; pre-sheet; lockup; and practical completion. Client Liaison Checklists were created and used to record these meetings follow.

On site meetings occur outside these stages as well but INH is committed to ensuring there are a minimum of 4 documented meetings during the construction of every project. As part of ongoing improvement this process was reviewed and improved and then the Integrity Edge was subsequently developed.

The Integrity Edge was launched in early 2009. The Integrity Edge is a checklist based quality assurance programme which requires the client to sign at several points in the process and highlights key elements of the construction which must comply with minimum quality standards in order for the next tasks can occur. Project Managers must present completed Integrity Edge paperwork as part of the regular reporting process to more senior administration staff. The paperwork is regularly updated to reflect improved practices and changes to products being used.

In 2016 there are now eight client based Integrity Edge forms (numbered 1 to 8). Each Integrity Edge form also addresses occupational health and safety requirements. This meets in part the AS4801 requirements for documented evidence of occupational health and safety (OHS) program delivery while helping to focus contractors and clients on site safety issues.

There are a further 25 trade specific Integrity Edge forms covering every discipline and these are regularly updated and saved in the Global Documents section of iGyro which all franchisees and staff can access at any time.

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