Recently we have spent some time with our builders and ensuring they are getting the proper training they need to grow their businesses. We recently concluded a series of meetings known as our guild meetings. These gatherings brought builders together in state-based online sessions, eliminating the need for anyone to leave their office. Our guild meetings are an integral part of our annual training program, allowing our staff to share valuable information with the builders and also providing us with essential feedback.

During these meetings, I was reminded of the significance of training within our business. As a result, both new and existing franchisees often inquire about our training programs. Let me provide you with a brief summary of what our training entails.

Firstly, we offer monthly one-on-one training sessions that continue throughout the franchisee's tenure. Personally, I enjoy acting as a business coach for our franchisees who wish to participate in this process. We conduct these sessions every month, working closely together.

Additionally, we host webinars every fortnight, which typically last for about half an hour. These webinars are recorded so that franchisees can access the training materials even if they are unable to attend the live session.

Furthermore, every three months, we conduct group training sessions that bring together builders from each state. During these sessions, our key staff members share valuable insights on various topics. This is followed by our annual national conference. The conference offers a unique opportunity for all franchisees to gather together. It includes a Thursday and Friday overnight stay, featuring guest speakers and activities.. It serves as both a training event and a social gathering.

In addition to these structured training activities, we also provide ad hoc support through phone calls and emails. This allows for individualized one-on-one training and assistance whenever needed. Our commitment to training our franchisees is robust, longstanding, and we strongly believe it adds significant value to our group.

During our recent guild meetings, we discussed the current changes in the national construction code and the implications of these changes, such as the livable housing provisions. We understand that it can be challenging for independent builders to navigate these complexities alone. However, our dedicated team has successfully grasped these updates and has been providing training, updating plans, and revising specifications. This valuable support has proven highly beneficial to the builders within our group, and I commend the staff involved in this process for their exceptional work.

Consistent training is important for any builder looking to grow their business in a climate that continues to shift, technology that continues to advance rapidly and business practices that need to evolve with legislation.