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High Priorities for Integrity Franchising for the next few months.

It is no secret that the national building industry is in a state of prosperity coupled with tension around price increases and supply-demand.

For our INH builders, we are working hard at walking with them through this seasonal journey by creating spaces to listen to the concerns our builders have and tailoring individual outcomes for our INH Franchises.  

At present, we have four major priorities that we are working through with our franchises.

1. Financial Clarity
Financial Clarity is important in any season of business. Knowing where your cash flow stands, your budget and projected financial outcomes are extremely important.

One of the tools we have access to is the budgeting feature in Xero. Glenn recently spent time going through this feature online with our builders.

You can watch this video here:

2. Leadership in business
One of the key takeaways from our National Builders Conference was the importance of leadership in your business.
In times of uncertainty and change, leadership is essential.

In regular coaching calls with franchisee owners, Glenn is continuing to build on the foundation laid at the conference.

3. Integrity Edge
Creating administrational tools and growing that resource is essential for our builders to continue to streamline communication and efficiencies on the job site.
We are currently looking to improve Integrity Edge and how it can be best utilised by our franchises.

4. Constructive
Ange has been working tirelessly to provide our franchisees with the option of digital colour selections for new homes. The digital solution we have chosen to utilise across our franchises is Constructive.
We continue to hear great reports from the clients of our franchisees who have used Constructive to make their colour selections.
One of the benefits of Constructive is that it is available to use early in the process. This allows for a good portion of time to be spent by the client in creating the look and feel of their home.

This rounds out our focus areas for the next foreseeable future as we navigate the new home building climate nationally and aim to equip all our franchises with tailored outcomes to suit their business growth and development.

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