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Franchise Engineering Update

We have uploaded to iGyro Global Docs an updated version of the Intrax engineering services agreement and pricelist. Over the past twelve months our builder franchise has grown considerably both in size and volume of homes and this has enabled us to unlock superior terms and inclusions for our franchisee's than we were originally offered. Further, through the continued use of the service/s we have been able to build Customer Service Requests (CSR) with Intrax to our franchisee expectations. These range from the standard available timber sizes, bracing preferences, varied details/solutions that are more economical, specific deflection limits for beams in varying locations to ensure that when an engineering design is provided for our business it will have the same notes, inclusions, details and outcomes irrespective of your region.

Notable builder franchise improvements:

  1. Addition of PredictSite Pro online franchisee service for quick preliminary reports.
  2. Single soil and survey package with the same inclusions across all the states. No longer will we have 3x bore holes in a state and 2x bore holes in another and 1x DCP in a state and 3x DCP in another state. Also, testing will be conducted to 3.0m as a minimum in all instances (in some states they were stopping at 1.80m).
  3. Inclusion of shrink swell or Atterberg testing of bore logs. The previous pricing excluded testing of soil and was be assessed based upon visual assessment. This test allows the geotechnical engineer to calculate an estimate Ys value rather than relying on large ranges of 20mm increments which further allows for most cost-effective foundation designs.
  4. Single engineering services package for all states. We have broken this down into a no frills slab, drainage and tie down schedule or a full service package which adds designing of all steel lintels, steel beams, steel posts, timber lintels, timber beams, timber posts, floor systems and decks. This Package will be greatly useful for those building in stick framing or those attempting more complicated homes.
  5. Larger list of available regions for builder site services.

This negotiated business agreement is something Matthew (Intrax NSW Account Manager) has been working on in the background over the past 6 months as we become more familiar with one another's business.

I strongly encourage all franchisee's to consider Intrax for their site survey and geotechnical if they provide services in your local region and further encourage all franchisees to use Intrax for their foundation and structural engineering needs.

The single storey Package B of $880 plus GST is incredibly well priced (when compared to their previous per beam fees + individual componentry prices) and includes the following franchise services:

  • Waffle/Raft slab footing design for class A, S, M, H1, H2 and P (excluding E sites)
  • Basic Drainage Design - Gravity System/Charged line with gravity system
  • Articulation joint layout
  • Tie down schedule
  • Bracing Design
  • Framing

Local Builder's who wish to access franchise partners like Intrax should consider adjusting their building business model by entering a franchise agreement with Integrity New Homes and our franchisor to achieve superior marketing, business coaching, financial performance and customer service in the building industry. 

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