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There are many types of building businesses operating in Australia right now, and the holy grail for most of their owners is three things; a profitable business; a business that doesn’t require everyday input from the owner operationally; and a business that is saleable.

So what makes the difference between businesses that achieve this and others that don’t. After years of working with successful (and not so successful) building business owners over many years we have identified the top three biggest contributors.


Your business will never outgrow your leadership and a business leader that stops improving relegates his or business to the same fate.

Our franchise owners commit to a path a continual improvement and business coaching under the direction of our trainers and as a result become aware both internally and externally of their personal contribution and are accountable for the results.

Financial Clarity

Builders who don’t know their numbers, don’t know their business. Our training gives builders the financial clarity they need and the understanding that the moneys in the margin, not in the revenue.

Financial (job by job) clarity will provide you clarity around your pricing strategy and ensure your business is sustainable into the long-term.


Finally, a systemised way to every part of the business releases the business owner from daily operational tasks and makes the business saleable. A building business management system can achieve this for you very quickly if you’re struggling to create your own. Look for industry leading software, experience mentors and unlimited training and you’ll be on the right path.


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