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The Integrity New Homes franchise offering provides and extensive range of resources and support to help builders grow and prosper in local markets, where ever they might operate in Australia, including:


  1. In-house developed building sales and management software (called iGyro);
  2. Rapid sales estimating tool called iProx (set by franchisees to reflect their pricing);
  3. An extensive range of project homes as well as hundreds of custom designs, duplexes, granny flats and townhouses stored in an electronic design library;
  4. Sales and marketing resources, everything from site inspection report and house and land package templates through to brochures, advertisements, web sites and artist’s impressions;
  5. All manner of paperwork and mail merge documents – specifications, colour selections, quality assurance systems, dispute resolution systems, occupational health and safety procedures and forms;
  6. Cash flow and budgeting tools;
  7. Project management systems which are Tablet compatible;
  8. Fixed term national supplier agreements; and
  9. The Integrity New Homes franchise offering is very flexible allowing documents and procedures to be changed to suit local market expectations.

10.  All this is backed by a team of six franchise support professionals providing training and hands-on support.

The existing franchise network is active in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia.

For more information regarding Integrity New Homes franchising please call Glenn Leet on ph: 0428 536 021.

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