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Builders International Cycling Success

Sport and business have many parallels. The score board for the game of business is profit, cashflow and workflow and winning at this game takes discipline, perseverance and skill. Exactly the same can be said of sport as Peter Horwood from Integrity New Homes New England well knows.

Peter knows how to win at both games. Peter recently represented Australia in the UCI 2019 Gran Fondo World Championship Road Race in Poland and last weekend was placed in the National Masters Road Championships and won the Criterium.

Peter said, 'I take the same approach in business as I do in sport. Set a clear goal, apply consistent action in the direction of that goal, close my mind to negative thinking and get a coach to hold me accountable to the discipline required to achieve the goal through consistent action.

Peter and his wife Denise have owned and operated  their New England franchise business for three years and this year decided to add Tamworth to their area of operations. Denise said, 'We'd always had strong connections with the Tamworth community and saw the opportunity to take our building business forward in that marketplace and focus on the need for affordable and unique housing solutions for our clients'.

Peter and Denise have found the rapid estimating and quoting tool that's built into the franchise software one of the greatest time saving solutions for builders that they've ever seen. Peter said, 'More and more clients are expecting a builder to price things quickly and accurately but really who's got the time? Now I've found a way I can help my clients with an accurate price and do that with less than one hours work on my part'. 

Help without the Hassle

Sometimes builders are scared of a franchise because they think the costs are high or its hard to exit but Peter explains that's not the case.

Peter said, 'I found that the franchise fees were thousands of dollars less than the cost of trying to create the business systems myself and then the ongoing business coaching and training are the bonus. If I wanted to leave the franchise, I could do that very simply so I don't feel stuck in any way '

Peter and Denise also take advantage of the national buyers group that franchisees have access to which means their franchise royalties are wholly offset by materials purchasing savings so they operate their business at no competitive price disadvantage to any other builder in their region.

Secure your territory

In the last 6 months Integrity New Homes franchisees have started in Byron Bay, Central Coast, Port Macquarie, Upper Hunter, Uralla and Walcha.

Every Integrity New Homes Franchise owns exclusive territory. Book a video call with Glenn Leet today to secure your territory!


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