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Becoming a Successful Home Builder

When Ammar decided to improve his building business he knew that he needed to buy better across everything to ensure he was both competitive and profitable. He knew that becoming a successful home builder is not just about customer service and delivering a great product. It relies heavily on purchasing well to even stay in the race.

Ammar decided to participate in the buying group operated by Inspired Trades Business Coaching and test the savings on one job. Here is what he found. Across the whole job Ammar has saved thousands and thousands of dollars. Certainly savings far in excess of the costs of involvement in the group and savings that will ensure his journey to becoming a home builder is profitable and sustainable.

Ammar said, 'Specifically just on the slab I was quoted $43,000 which initially seemed like a fair price from my usual supplier and a price I would have previously willingly paid. By working with Glenn and his team we ended up changing our approach to the delivery of the slab and paying just $26,100. That's a $16900 saving on one component and I've been blown away by what's possible with the right advice'.

Ammar was so impressed with the purchasing system and the savings he decided to take up a building franchise also offered by the same team and available in Australia to access more of the business systems, construction management software and builders business coaching offered under that model. Ammar said, 'The franchise solution was entirely optional way to access the savings but in the end I realised it delivered the best value proposition I have seen in a construction franchise'.

Here is a link to Ammars website where you can read more about his business and verify anything shared in this case study:

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