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Assisting our franchises building custom design homes

Every day of every week of every month, clients contact our builders at integrity new homes and ask them about building design. And I think that's fantastic because we publish beautiful building designs, as you can see in this magazine that we publish nationally and we release a new standard design every month. But our clients' unique requirements is what we want to be servicing.

And those unique requirements are what help us develop beautiful standard homes to meet and service the needs of the wider market. So we keep building designers on our team full time, helping our builders and helping their clients. And we just think that's wonderful to be able to focus on unique custom designs for clients. Now, the only time that gets a bit of friction is when clients bring out the builder's plans to us, and I think clients sometimes have a misconception or we'd make a small change to this plan and then we're not going to have a copyright issue.

Look in integrity, new homes. We value our own intellectual property, our own copyright, and we certainly respect the copyright of other builders and other building designers. So of want to put on record that if clients bring designs to us, we say, Well, that looks nice. However, what we're going to do is we're going to go back and design something unique for your requirements.

And our clients will often sketch the thoughts from their own minds about how they want to live in that type of home. And then we develop a unique design for their purposes. So just understand that integrating new homes is very varied. Does custom design focus? In fact, I think 70% of what goes through our business is unique custom designs and we're proud that we are interested in protecting our own intellectual property and respecting that of others.

Assisting our franchises building custom design homes - Video


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