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Members of the sales and administration team at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South have been participating in an intensive 8 week sales training program with Integrity Franchising.

Good sales skills in the building industry are critical to establishing clear open communication with clients and keep them informed from the very start of building a new home.  

There is a great deal of technical, procedural and contractual knowledge required to be effective in new home sales.

The bottom line is that without a sale being made no home ever gets to be built so it is critical to possess and develop sales skills to be successful in the industry.

Integrity New Homes Franchising is committed to providing ongoing training to franchisees across a wide spectrum of building company activities as well as around the in-house iGyro building management software.

Kirk Julius of Integrity New Homes Adelaide South is pictured at the recent Integrity New Homes Conference held in Sydney earlier in 2018.

For more information about the Integrity New Homes franchise offering please call Glenn Leet today on ph: 0428 536 021.

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