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A Mindset of Constant Improvement

Mark secured a carpentry apprenticeship with the NSW MBA in 1978. He then continued on to complete his Clerk of Works Certificate, which enabled him to obtain his builders licence. Mark has had the opportunity to work on an array of projects over his 40 plus years in the construction industry. These have included a mix of custom residential, commercial constructions, heritage restorations, major renovations and extensions.

Mark enjoys being involved in his local community. He spent 16 years in Apex and currently sponsors and volunteers at the local Rugby Club. Mark is also a volunteer committee member and building consultant for Habitat for Humanity, who work towards helping low income families obtain a home of their own.

Mark takes an approach to business that is best described as a search for constant improvement. Mark believes standing still as a business is a recipe for disaster, so taking the approach of improving each week ensures they stay on the front foot. This approach is adopted by their sales processes, office administration and job delivery to keep their business vibrant and team engaged. 

Mark acquired his Integrity New Homes South Coast franchise in 2016 and has continued his business journey supported by his family and hardworking and conscientious team of long term employees and contractors.

Why Integrity?

Mark said, 'Integrity New Homes is a good fit for us. Their business culture and proactive product and systems development has been instrumental in the success of our business.'

All the franchisees are a collaborative and supportive group of like-minded business people, working towards a successful building community. 

Marks Book

Mark has just released the second edition of his book, The Insider's Guide to Building or Renovating Your Dream Home which can be purchased by request.

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