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5 keys to scaling your building business.

If you are a building looking to scale your business to take on more builds per year, there are some significant aspects of your business that need to be healthy before endeavouring for scaling growth.

Some builders may be content with building two to three builds a year. Yet for the builder looking to grow the number of builds per year from three to five, ten or 20 we have found that the business that does it well has these five areas of business healthy.

1. Produce Consistent Building Contracts and Quotes.
Nothing slows a builder down more than rain. Secondly is the lack of consistency when it comes to building contracts and quotes.
Mastering consistency when producing building contracts and quotes is a skill to endeavour. Mastering this skill impacts the speed at which your business can operate. It also impacts the clarity of the details, which is essential for potential clients when deciding to use your business.
Professionalism and consistency are essential for building contracts and quotes and thankfully for INH builders, all this is taken care of in iGyro.

2. Efficient Task Lists
It might be fine for you to have a mental task list for your project. Yet when it comes to scaling your business and sharing the responsibility of the building site, having efficient task lists and ensuring that these task lists are active daily is a significant step in organising multiple builds simultaneously.

Not only do efficient task lists keep you on track, but they also keep your contractors on track and give you a real-time overview of where your multiple builds currently are up to. Having a real-time site schedule takes the pressure off you and allows the franchisee to know exactly where multiple builds are up to in real-time.

3. Validate and Issue Purchase Orders
Within the iGyro task list, an INH builder has the opportunity to validate and issue purchase orders and produce a bill of quantities.

A supervisor can then tak3e those purchase orders and build your project. This helps alleviate some of the groundwork and helps you focus on the big picture of scaling your business.

4. Quality bookkeeping.
A real sink or swim moment for builders is when invoices start flowing in for multiple projects. Does your current bookkeeping allow you the peace of mind to take on multiple projects?
Our INH builders recently received training on quality bookkeeping practices by Diana from Diana Does Books. You can view this training by clicking here.

5. Quality Assurance Checklist
To ensure that your work as a builder passes all the quality assurances it is essential to have a quality assurance checklist.
Part of the challenge of dealing with new trades is ensuring they know your expectations as a builder.
By having a quality assurance checklist you can boycott awkward or confronting conversations and have a better chance of getting things built right the first time around.
For INH Builders iGyro has an inbuilt quality assurance checklist that can be tailored to your business.

These 5 tips should be able to help any builder scale their business.

If you are looking to join a franchise that strives to help builders grow and scale their business, why not get in touch with Glenn to start the conversation. You can call Glenn on 0428 536 021 or email him by clicking here.

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