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One of the great advantages of being part of being of a franchise team is the oportunity to gain from the skills and expertise of other franchisees.
There are also opportunities to work togethter for mutal benefit.
This is certainly the case with Integrity New Homes South Coast and Integrity New Homes South West Sydney which reached a mutual agreement from to joinlty operate from display home at 56 Renwick Drive, Mittagong (New South Wales).
The display home was built and furnished by Integrity New Homes South Coast but the two franchisees reached a commercial arrangement to jointly operate the display home.
Integrity Franchising played a role in chairing meetings and creating an agreement which spelt out the terms and conditions that were agreed to.
This kind of opportuniuty can only come for builders that are part of a supported franchise network where all the parties work together for mutual benefit.
The photograph shows television presenter nad tradesman Jason Hodges with Mark Redding of Integrity New Homes South Coast.
For more information about the Integrity New Homes franchise offer please call Glenn Leet ph: 0428 536 021.

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