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Integrity Franchising Launch "Constructive", a new online colour selection program.

Builders have been tackling the complications of doing business with clients throughout the last 18 months of Covid 19. Restrictions and lock downs, limited building supply and labor, increasing prices for supplies and labor, and a high demand for new homes within the national market have made our work more challenging.


One aspect of the building process that is set to change is our colour selection process. Integrity Franchising are pleased to announce the release it’s new online colour selection program "Constructive".  


Constructive aims to assist in the colour selection process for new home builders and our franchisee owners by taking the process completely online. This enables our builders to stay covid safe and ensure that the colour selection process happens on time.  


Not only does 'Constructive' help our builders with in-house colour consultants, it also allows for Angela Leet, Integrity Franchising’s dedicated colour specialist to assist builders all across Australia create solutions for new home owners.  


Angela shared "the feedback we have received from our builders and their clients is that the program is easy to use and creates a seamless transition of information for the builder to continue to build the house on time."


Integrity franchising and our Integrity New Home builders group aim to create a fantastic customer experience for our new home owners by utilising Constructive for the colour selection process. Constructive is user friendly, intuitive and allows for an exciting experience when choosing colours for your home. 


Constructive has both the functionality to comply with the current INH's fast track colour schemes and also has the capability to create custom colour selections. 


Glenn Leet, Integrity franchising Director acknowledged how significant this will be for INH Builders.


"We have now created an opportunity for all our builders to take online what has traditionally been a face-to-face engagement. It also allows us as the franchisor to assist our builders anywhere in Australia with colour selections. One example of Constructive being so valuable is that we have builders in Western Australia connecting with Angela on the East Coast to provide easy and seamless colour selection solutions and this type of opportunity will assist all sizes of businesses that make up the INH group.”

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