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Unveiling the Myths: Integrity New Homes Franchise Essentials

Are you intrigued by the prospect of owning a franchise? Do you find yourself wondering about the potential constraints associated with such an opportunity?

Glenn from Integrity New Homes is here to debunk the myths and shed light on the essential elements of their franchise agreement.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

One prevalent concern among aspiring franchisees is the fear of restrictions – limitations on where and how they can operate their business. Glenn is quick to clarify that at Integrity New Homes, they don't dictate your building location, the type of homes you create, the pricing strategies you implement, or even where you source your supplies.

The freedom to make these decisions is yours. Moreover, they won't interfere with your business operations.

Instead, Integrity New Homes focuses on imparting best practices for builders, offering valuable insights rather than imposing rigid guidelines.

Exclusive Territory: A Unique Perspective

Glenn introduces the concept of an exclusive territory, a distinctive feature of their franchise model.

Contrary to common belief, this exclusivity isn't designed to constrain franchisees but rather to protect them. Integrity New Homes ensures that a territory is only sold once, preventing internal competition among franchisees. Franchisees have the flexibility to build wherever their projects take them, as long as it doesn't overlap with established territories of fellow franchisees.

This approach empowers franchisees, providing a balance between autonomy and a supportive network.

Three Non-Negotiable Elements

To maintain the Integrity New Homes brand, franchisees are required to adhere to three non-negotiable elements:

1. Trade as Integrity New Homes: The franchise's banner must adorn the front door of your office, establishing a consistent brand identity.

2. Annual National Conference Attendance: Franchisees are expected to participate in the annual national conference, a two-day event held in various capital cities. This fosters a sense of community and keeps franchisees updated on industry trends.

3. Monthly Reporting: A straightforward task, franchisees must submit a monthly report online, detailing their sales and completed projects.

This ensures transparency and allows Integrity New Homes to provide necessary support. Your Business,

Your Choice Beyond these three fundamental requirements, Integrity New Homes encourages franchisees to embrace various optional opportunities and initiatives.

The franchise is designed to be flexible, allowing entrepreneurs to tailor their involvement based on their preferences and business goals. In conclusion, if you're considering a franchise with Integrity New Homes, Glenn emphasizes that the key lies in trading as Integrity New Homes, attending the annual conference, and submitting monthly reports.

Beyond that, the path you choose is yours to navigate. It's a partnership built on trust, support, and the freedom to shape your business journey. ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.

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